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Ms. Dwyer represented an elderly man who had been misdiagnosed with dementia, when he suffered from a treatable condition known as normal pressure hydrodephalus. She was successful in having him fully restored to all of his rights and the guardianship action against him was terminated.

Ms. Dwyer filed suit on behalf of a young woman whose sister murdered their mother to prevent the murderer from inheriting the mother's estate.

Ms. Dwyer was a trial attorney In Illinois' first successful "right-to-die" case. The court allowed a guardian to remove a feeding tube from his ward who was in a vegetative state. The ward had previously expressed his desire to not have his death artificially delayed.

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She was one of the trial attorneys who won a $344,000 judgment against two individuals who had defrauded a senile man and his disabled son out of their home

  • How Home Scam Backfired on Partners,"  Chicago Tribune 7/2/89

Ms. Dwyer was one of the trial attorneys in a case against a former U.S. Congressman involving severance of joint tenancies of an elderly disabled man's $850,000 estate . The case was successful on appeal but reversed by the Illinois Supreme Court on the issue of standing.

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Ms. Dwyer represented the guardian of an elderly disabled man against his nursing home where he was injured after he fell down an open stairwell in his wheelchair while unattended by nursing home staff.

Ms. Dwyer has also represented the guardians of an elderly disabled man in having his marriage to a young con artist invalidated.